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Lighten Up

March 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Times are hard enough, so here’s my 2 cents.  Entertainment is not an element of life that’s meant to weigh us down.  It should allow us a way to clear out the cobwebs and refresh for a period of time.  It’s not an escape from reality rather a break from the current way of thinking and an opportunity to gain new insight.  This is an invitation to either change perspective on current forms of entertainment, or find a whole new outlet.

Many, including myself, find sports a quality form of entertainment.  We associate with the competitive nature, the combat strategy and the physical abilities that border supernatural.  The list of athletes we fancy is limitless and I won’t even name my personal favorites for the sake of staying on topic.  There’s always a ‘but’ and this is no exception.  It’s one thing to discuss the absorbiant, unnecessary price tags during times of plenty.  Even then I think most agree it’s gone overboard.  But can we please, for the moment, view sports in the context of current hardships.

With so many people unemployed, and genuine needs such as food, clothing and shelter missing from there lives, yet major sports figures continue on in search of more!  I’m not going to mention any names, Josh McDaniels and Jay Cutler.  You are the center of attention regardless of economic times, and you can’t act like reasonable people.  I don’t care what franchise you’re with or what part of your career, the world needs to hear people in your positions saying, ‘Let’s give ’em a good show’ and help your fans see that enjoying life is more important than who’s more powerful in a sports franchise.

This goes further than sports – it touches the entire spectrum.  Working class, quit complaining about who’s in charge and conduct your work as though your life depends on it (not to mention your family and friends).  Owners, take a look around at people with real needs and sacrafice your bonus for a year – or two, three…however long it takes.  Don’t confuse what I’m saying with the over sensative emotional message, ‘no one should have to suffer.’  Suffering builds character, you either choose to do it or God does it for you.

Let me come full circle.  If you’re already angry about elements in your life, and your favorite sports franchise isn’t going in a good direction, find something else to relieve your stress.  Husbands/Dads spend time with your Wives/Children.  The weather’s been good, bike riding is fun.  Yahtzee makes for great laughs if you don’t get caught up in winning, a beer/glass of wine is helpful.  Life is serious enough, the fun stuff needs to be fun again.

One last item, cheating doesn’t make an athlete better, it only skews the numbers.  Fans – don’t support it. Players – don’t do it.

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