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Thoughts on Love

May 1, 2009 Leave a comment

I noticed a magazine with a tagline ‘What’s self-love got to do with it’ and I thought about it for quite a while before it struck me, nothing. Self-love is an obvious element to life. We love ourselves no matter what perception or meaning we tie to it.

On one extreme we love ourselves so much that we are completely unwilling to suffer and on the other extreme we refrain from sharing our gifts – and the list goes on.  Self-love is an incorrect statment, self understanding makes more sense.  I’m not going to give details about the article because it is self explanitory, meant in the simplest sense in its context.

I am ranting on this because I’ve heard too many people say “do what’s right for you…love yourself first…” and the list goes on.  The only way to understand self-love is to love God first, in which case loving others will follow.  If you love others before self you will then understand yourself more clearly and ultimately express all love in a sensible way.  Self-love in the context from the magazine actually refers to self-satisfaction and encourages the use of others in a meaningless attempt to pleasure self.

I sought satisfaction through self-love, and still do, only to find that it’s a complete misunderstanding of self.  I thought hard and long about how to be happy only to find that I became my own root of unhappiness.  God gave us a clear path to happiness – love others first.

Thanks for listening, if you see me absorbed in self-love please remind me to love God and others first.

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