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Continual Updates

Designing/developing Websites from beginning to end offers substantial gratification, however, allowing a site to continue in its original design state indefinitely leaves users bored. Over the past two years we’ve made real strides to keep the traffic we get interested and excited about returning. Our most recent change includes an improved look for our primary navigation, separating our header and content areas.

Beginning in 2010 we launched an updated look to the Website. The overall philosophy and site structure remained while adding some flare to the buttons and features. The main four navigation components direct users to main categories regarding Colorado travel. However, the initial look left them secluded among the other site elements. The improved look includes a larger button area and less emphasis on the separator for the header and content. A bit of gloss effect and diagonal striping add some additional flare for a more noticeable main navigation area.

New Version
The Colorado Vacation Directory, Improved Header Design

Original Version
The Colorado Vacation Directory, Web Header

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