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Back in the Saddle

October 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Eight weeks have gone by since our latest addition came into the family. Madelyn Grace Mohr is nearly nine weeks into her young life and the elder children keep us running with activities. A new project for my own Website began taking shape in June and I will try to have that up and running by years end. A couple new projects have arisen the first of which is a logo and Website design for a custom guitar company. The daily work at The Colorado Vacation Directory shifts towards marketing and product development.

Prior to taking leave for the birth of our new baby I made a significant breakthrough for home page content on We originally had a section labeled with the current season, some quick text about favorite activities, and a bulleted list of links to highlight our information. The lightbulb went on, so to speak, and gave rise to supporting photographs to further enhance the seasonal section. It’s another great place to rotate content and keep things fresh.

I find myself more involved with marketing in the product realm. I believe strongly in providing the highest quality product as the foundation to a great overall marketing plan. On the internet there’s a real need for information sites to improve on all aspects of content. In many cases the revenue comes from advertising and if the site is reliable, then the advertising typically follows. Quality and quantity require a solid balancing act to ensure profitable outcome.

Once the product reaches a high level of quality, energize the message about the product with the same mindset. Now, the message is the product and it deserves the same devotion to quality that the product itself received. In tourism I see countless Websites that communicate a complete lack of desire to sell the product (vacations). A simple passing knowledge of HTML does not an expert make. A Website, or any form of media, is an extension of your product and a product in itself.

This is a topic that deserves much more attention than a simple essay on quality. I will examine the components of a quality product in another post. For now, return your focus to product quality and stand out from the crowd.

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