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A Laptop Story

December 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Delays, delays, delays… After yet another long wait to post I am back with, well, another post. In early November I began the process of buying a new laptop, yes, I placed a cup of water near the previous one and the water was spilled on it. Although I didn’t intend on buying a new computer that soon, it was really better than the alternative.

After owning my HP Pavilion for three years, the monitor quit functioning correctly. I substituted an external monitor but it was less than desirable for a long term solution. Estimates to repair the HP monitor ran between US$300 and $500. I delayed the repair and considered the possibility of buying a new laptop for around $800. Still not satisfied, I finally got a swift kick from The Good Lord with destruction of the HP via flood.

Without much delay I began looking at replacements. With the help of a co-worker I narrowed it down to a Dell Inspiron for a couple dollars under 500. Yes, for the high end of repairing the monitor on the HP, I bought an almost new one with just the right amount of upgrades. Which leads me to the distance between posts. I’m still not completely up to speed with transferring my work from the old computer, but it’s functional now.

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